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Signature Windows & Doors In Seattle… We're Not Some Faceless Corporation.

We Are Locally Owned And Operated… This Means You Get Solutions, Not Run-A-Rounds.

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My name is Grant Neiss, founder of Signature Window & Door Replacement. And I would like to ask you a question: What is going on with customer service in this country today?

According to the University of Arizona's School of Business, customer service in this country is actually getting worse. In fact, according to their most recent "Rage" survey over 60% of the people surveyed NEVER got a solution to their problem. Heck, over 50% of them didn't even get an apology.

That just blows my mind. I can't fit that into my thought process. My business lives or dies on customer satisfaction. But maybe that's just the difference between a locally owned company and a faceless corporation.

I believe the problem with a lot of companies out there is they farm out their installations to 3rd party contractors located only God knows where and usually working out of the back of their truck. And that business model works…some of the time.

You see, if there is ever a problem good luck getting someone on the phone that can actually make a decision. Because half the time, you just get the run-a-round. You know, the installer tells you to call the retailer, who tells you to call the manufacturer who tells you to call the installer. It's a cycle of madness.

Here at INFINITY from MARVIN by Signature, you always have DIRECT ACCESS to me or one of my partners. Why? Because we're only human and mistakes do sometimes happen. We're the first ones to admit that. But the difference is that we don't hide it or try to cover it up.

At INFINITY from MARVIN by Signature, if we see a mistake, we tell you, and we fix it…PERIOD. And, we will show you the mistake and tell you the steps we took to correct it. And if you find a problem that we missed, or if anything (and I mean anything) is bothering you, you don't call a "customer service support line" or some unknown 3rd party. You call us, and you get a solution to your problem.

And that my friends is why I believe we have been so successful in serving the homeowners of Seattle and the surrounding areas for over a combined 50 years. We look forward to meeting you.