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Why INFINITY from MARVIN? Why Should You Do It Now? Why Choose Us?

If Your Windows Are Just 8 Years Old or Older…

They Are Probably Stealing More Money Out Of Your Pocket Than The IRS On A Bad Day…

Replace Windows Now
Replace Windows Now

You see, from a strict energy efficiency view, windows are a really bad idea. If you want the most energy efficient home, make it with good insulation and no windows! Of course, windows are vital for a healthy, safe home and no one would seriously consider not using them. But here is the harsh reality: If your windows are 8 years old, or older, you are throwing money out your window (pun intended).

Replace Your Windows Now

It's simple. Technology changes and this is just as true with Microsoft Windows as it is with the windows in your home. Why are so many homeowner's willing to spend the money to upgrade their windows on their computer, but not so willing to update the ones in their home—especially when updating the windows in the home can save you thousands?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should replace your windows:

Energy Efficiency & Saving Money.

Ask most people that are looking for replacement windows in Seattle and they'll tell you they are doing it because their house does not feel comfortable. Our changing climate has suddenly made homes unbearable in the summer. Folks spend crazy money on insulative blinds that block sunlight and create mold by trapping cold air between the windows and the blind. That is like treating a serious illness with aspirin! The real illness is your windows. Not to mention the savings on your heating bill. Today's modern windows use technology that simply wasn't available even as short as 5 years ago. Between low-emissivity glass, to our exclusive patented Ultrex Fiberglass, todays modern windows can practically pay for themselves. In fact, our exclusive INFINITY brand of windows can save you a significant amoutn on your heating and cooling costs.

Freedom From Maintenance

Our replacement windows require little to no routine maintenance. About all you have to do is clean them. Our windows do not have to be scraped, sanded, taped, primed, painted, and repainted every few years. And because our co-extruded coating is applied at the factory it will not peel, flake, or blister under normal operating conditions. This is especially prevalent to replacement windows in Seattle, given that our coastal salt laden air can wreak havoc on inferior windows. In fact, some replacement windows actually require you to clean the frames with mineral spirits to remove any salt deposits and then require you to apply car wax to the frames. Not exactly something you want to be doing on your free time.

Easy To Clean

Easy to Clean

Cleaning older windows is a chore. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest. After cleaning your windows from the inside, you have to bring your cleaning supplies outside to finish the job.

If your home has storm windows installed on the exterior of the existing window, the storm windows must first be removed, both windows cleaned, and then the storm windows have to be reinstalled. This is a job that can end up taking hours. Heck, in some two story homes it takes day… and all while standing on a ladder. This can make the task not only time-consuming, but dangerous, as well.

Our replacement double hung windows have a concealed release button that allows the sashes to be tilted in. The casement windows have the “easy clean” hinge system. The gliding windows have a release for sash removal. This means the windows can be completely cleaned on the spot, inside and outside. This means no going outside, and no need for ladders. And, because of the overall energy efficiency of the replacement window, the need for exterior storm windows is eliminated, which means you can say goodbye to the tedium of removal and reinstallation.

New Windows Make Your Home Absolutely Beautiful

If you’re going through all the trouble to replace your windows, you might as well make them look better. When considering windows, a home builder’s mentality is not aesthetics, it is cost. Most newly constructed homes, whether built in 1952, 1968, or whenever, have window styles that do NOT enhance the home. We are experts in transforming your home with windows! INFINITY from MARVIN makes windows with sleek thin lines for contemporary applications but also have traditional appearing windows that we can add divided lite grilles or even applied leading. In some cases, we will even re-frame a wall to add a door or a bigger window to enhance a great view.

Resale Value

Most home improvements create an expectation that the homeowner will get a return on investment. And this is especially true with replacement windows in Seattle (and everywhere else for that matter.) In fact, every year Remodeling Magazine publishes their Cost vs. Value Report. In that report, it shows that you can recuperate over 75% of your cost in upgrading your windows. Couple a 75% ROI with the amount of money you can save on your energy bills and you can see how our ultra-modern replacement windows can practically pay for themselves.

By picking the right product, you will be able to save a significant amount of money and time, all while giving your home a fresh, updated look.

One last thing: I know you have heard me say it before – but, regardless of the type of window you ultimately choose, the installation is critically important. Why? Because over 80% of a window installation occurs behind the walls… where you can't see it.

It's very easy to hide marginal work or even outright mistakes. Unfortunately, many less than reputable contractors like to cut corners because it pads their profits and it's easy to hide – you won’t see the shoddy work. Pacific Northwest weather is just too brutal to be playing games with your wallet.

Even a mistake as little as 1/32nd of an inch can result in disaster. Believe me, if water gets in behind your window, the resulting water damage, mold, and rot will cost you tens of thousands to repair. And even if you don't get water damage a window failure could still costs you hundreds or even thousands in lost money on your energy bills. That is why our window installations are inspected not once, but twice. When we’re done – it’s perfect.

Bottom Line: Even the best products in the world will fail if they are not installed correctly. Don’t trust your home—or your wallet to just anyone— Call INFINITY from MARVIN by Signature today.