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It's One Of The Most Complained About Industries…Why?

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We couldn't believe it when we first read it… home Improvement and remodeling is one of the most complained about industries in the market place today, right up there with airlines, cable TV, and used car sales.

But facts and figures don't lie. According to the Better Business Bureau, general contractors received over 2 million inquiries in one year alone… that was a 71% increase over the year before. Even ABC News chimed in with an article that showed Home Improvement/Construction as the #2 most complained about industry— beat out only by the auto industry.

So why is the home improvement industry one of the most complained about industries? We firmly believe the reason is because industry standards just aren’t good enough.

Just take your windows as an example. Over 80% of a window system is what you can't see. As a result, it’s far too easy for less than reputable contractors to hide shoddy work, cut corners, accept marginal work and call it good. Then, when it gets too "hot in the kitchen," they can just change their business name when it's convenient, and open up shop somewhere else. And the worst part, it's well within industry standards.

That is why we decided to create our own standards and we put them in writing. You can receive your copy of our standards by clicking here.

In our contractor standards guide, you will find everything you need to judge any window and door company in Seattle, Bellevue, Gig Harbor, or anywhere else for that matter. Our guide even includes a handy checklist.

Use the guide and checklist to determine if the contractor that you are considering is worthy of entering and working on your home… and that even includes us.

You can receive your copy of our Standards Guide by clicking here.