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Awning & Casement Windows

Windows come in so many different shapes, styles, colors and materials that it’s difficult, if not impossible, for homeowners to fully evaluate them all. Our decades of experience and countless hours of research has led us to choose those windows and doors that we know will absolutely work as advertised. It’s why we back them up with our exclusive “Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty”.

One of the first things you will need to decide on is what type of material you want your windows to be constructed with. Whether it’s Fiberglass, Wood, Vinyl/Composites or Aluminum, let us walk you through the pros and cons of each material so that you can make an informed decision.

Here are just a few of the types of windows we can have made for your home – for a lot less money than you think.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows

A casement window is hinged on one side or the other and opens outward to the left or right. This window is typically taller than it is wide, and the entire sash opens – providing large amounts of ventilation.

Do you have a contemporary home, and you want a smooth, clean look? Or perhaps you have a cottage or bungalow, and you want a sleek, trim look? With our casement windows, your choices are practically endless.

We offer everything from single casement windows to banks of 3, 4 or 5 wide casement windows with your choice of fixed and operating units. We can help you choose the right window that works best for you. Casement windows are a great choice and can be used in practically any home - from a vintage Georgian home to a rustic wood cabin.

Listed below are just a few advantages of our casement style windows.

Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Unlike a casement window, awning windows are actually hinged at the top and open outward, typically wider than they are tall.

Awning style windows are typically a great choice for over the kitchen sink for an unobstructed view with hardware that is easy to reach. Because awning windows vent from the bottom instead of the side, they allow peace of mind for safety & security and allow you to keep the window open, even in the rain.

Listed below are just a few advantages of our awning style windows.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows

The difference between a double-hung window and a single-hung window is that a single hung window has a top section (sash) that does not open. Only the lower section (sash) of the window opens – and only opens vertically. A double-hung window, as the name implies, allows the homeowner to open either the top or bottom section (sash). Your double-hung windows are also easier to clean because of the tilt-in feature. INFINITY from MARVIN only makes double-hung windows.

Since colonial times, people have been using single- and double-hung windows in their home. In fact, they are still the most widely installed type of window on the market today. However, given the advantages of double-hung windows, many homeowners opt to replace their single-hung windows with double hung windows.

Here are just a few of the advantages found in our double-hung windows.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are a set of windows used in combination that project outward from the home. Bay windows are arranged in a 30 or 45 degree angle pattern with three separate window openings usually consisting of a large central window (often a picture window) and two smaller windows on either side. Each window can be customized to use a specific type of window (i.e. double hung, casement, picture).

Bay windows typically add additional length and the appearance of a larger room. Many homeowners opt for a large picturesque panoramic center window framed by double-hung or casement windows on each side. The main difference between a bay and a bow window is that a bay window consists of three windows in an angled projection. While a bow window consists of four or more windows joined together to form a more graceful and elegant arc and are typically constructed using casement windows.

Bay and Bow windows are a gorgeous addition to any home and have been used since Victorian times. They are the window of choice when additional space and light are needed.

Here are just a few of the styles available. Given that you get to choose what windows you want used in your configuration – the advantages of the windows will depend on that choice.

Glider Windows

Glider Windows

Two and Three-Pane Gliders provide easy horizontal (as opposed to vertical) sash movement and offer practical window styles where operational access may be difficult – such as above kitchen sinks on in the bathroom shower. These windows come in either two sash or three sash design.

Glider windows are great when you need ease of operation, an unobstructed view or where you don’t want a window where the sash protrudes to the exterior. For example, a casement window which has a sash that opens to the exterior onto a patio or deck area may interfere or obstruct the entertaining area or walkway.

Here are just a few advantages of a glider style window:

Fixed Windows—Special Architectural Shapes

Fixed Windows - Special Architectural Shapes

We can build custom sized and shaped windows to fit your needs and specifications. Custom windows not only personalizes your home, but they can increase your homes’ resale value as well. The most common specialty shaped windows are half rounds, octagons, trapezoids, and segment shaped windows.

Whatever you need we can handle it. Our specially shaped windows can easily be used to create that one-of-a-kind custom look. Use your custom windows as a stand-alone or as an enhancement to an assembly of other windows or even doors.

Given the custom nature of these types of windows your advantages will depend on the type of glass you choose and other design choices you make.

Fixed Picture Windows

Fixed Picture Windows

A picture window is the ideal choice if you are trying to maximize your viewing area and light. In short, a picture window is designed to provide an unimpeded, open view of the outside – as if framing a picture – and to provide the most natural light into a room. Our picture windows do come in a variety of styles, and so the windows advantages will depend on the style you choose as well as the glass and other choices you make.