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More Windows In Seattle (and anywhere else) Have Failed Due To “Bad Installations” Than For Any Other Reason.

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Before You Spend A Single Dollar On A Window, You Should Know That Over 80% Of A Window Installation Is What You Can’t See…

Most homeowners put their trust in the fact that the company/contractor they are purchasing windows from is an expert and knows the right way to install their windows. But it’s a sad fact that many "window installers" ruthlessly cut their labor costs by hiring unskilled and untrained "laborers."

We can't begin to tell you the number of homes where we have found windows to be improperly installed. The largest culprits:

Many installation problems revert back to the fact that someone didn’t order the right sized window in the first place. Guess what happens when the sub-contractor arrives on installation day and the window was ordered 2” too small for the opening, because the contractor was trying to save a few bucks by ordering a “standard size”? Here’s what happens….they “make it fit”. The result; windows that are ill-fitting, that will most likely have problems down the road with air and water infiltration.

The infamous “Rip-and-Stick,” in the window sales and installation industry, refers to the process where window installers simply “rip” the old window out and “stick” a new one into the existing frame, secure it with about 4 screws and a whole lot of caulking, and call it good.

To properly install a window--and thereby gain all of the insulating properties you're paying good money for--the entire window cavity has to be:

Our crews are fully trained and factory certified to make sure every window and door we sell is installed properly. We use the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines combined with the industry’s “Best Practices” to help guarantee the utmost durability and performance of your window and doors.

Bottom Line: You are going to love your new windows…and that's a promise.