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When It Comes To Replacement Windows In Seattle…

You Have A Lot Of Choices; Here Is What You Need To Know

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We know you have choices – a lot of them – when it comes to choosing new windows for your home. Heck, just a simple search on the internet for "replacement windows in Seattle" shows over 7 million results. It can be overwhelming trying to compare different brands, different companies, types of materials, installation, warranties, and the list goes on. Let us cut through the cloud of confusion and show you a better way.

According to a report published on the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website:

“Many replacement windows, typically made from vinyl or aluminum, especially the lower cost ones, have an average life span of less than 20 years."

Point blank; that means you are going to have to replace your windows…PERIOD. And a lot sooner than you think. You see, after 30 plus years of replacing windows, we have experienced this failure rate first-hand. In fact, we have had to replace a lot of windows… and many of them had failed in less than 10 years! Those vinyl windows aren’t the only culprit, either. We have also seen many “brand name” vinyl and aluminum clad wood windows that rotted out within the first 7 years!

The reality is that the Pacific Northwest's fluctuating weather patterns can take a toll on your windows (and doors) and greatly affect their longevity with the drastic changes in temperatures from one day to the next. INFINITY from MARVIN fiberglass windows are the only windows we sell and install because they are the only windows proven to withstand all the punishment mother nature can dish out here in Seattle!

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