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You Can't Buy A Replacement Door "Off-The-Shelf"—

A Door Needs To Be Customized To Fit Your EXACT Needs…PERIOD.

French Door Replacement

Whether you're looking for a door replacement in Bellevue, Seattle, or even on the Kitsap Peninsula, keep this in mind… any door you buy and install MUST be plumb, level and square. It has to be an exact fit. Anything less and you are just asking for trouble.

Let me explain.

How many of you have ever seen advertisements for a cute little item to protect you from drafts around your door? You know, something like the little dog sitting in front of the door.

Or how many of you have opened your front entry door and seen something like this:


Both of these issues are a clear indication that you have a problem. You need new doors.

You see, both of the issues mentioned above are indicating that you have a warped door. It's just a fact…all doors warp over time. Now, GREAT doors are built to last a long, long time and they have tight tolerances and great seals that allow for these small margins of warpage. Unfortunately, many older doors just weren’t built to today's exacting standards.

Try this simple test: go to your door and press the top and bottom edge of the door on the handle side (not the hinge side). When you press, the door will move and will rest against the jamb. When you stop pressing, the door pops back out. Your door is warped! Because the door is not against the weather-stripping, you have a free flow of air coming into your house all the time. If you replace that door with a new door with the same type of handle and deadbolt, this will happen all over again.

In almost every instance that we've been involved with, the solution has ALWAYS been to install a custom built door.

Is it more expensive to do it this way? The short answer, Yes and No. There is no arguing that it is probably going to be a little more money up front for a higher quality custom-built door. BUT, you actually save a lot more money in the long run.

Because imagine for a second that your spending potentially thousands of dollars on a brand new door system only to wind up with the same drafty conditions.

There is a solution; Multi-point hardware systems. Multi-point hardware will force the door against the jamb at all times and is exceptional for extra security as the are multiple strike points for the lock.

You see, when your door is custom built, it's a “perfect fit.” There is no wasted time, energy, labor or money on trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole… i.e. trying to fit a “stock” door into your “non-stock” frame.

When it's a custom-built door, it's built and installed to be perfectly square, plumb and level. A custom door provides a better seal against the elements and is in perfect balance reducing the stress and strain that ruins others doors.

Bottom Line: Our custom built and installed doors will save you money on labor costs as well as in product longevity, energy savings, and resale (recoupment) value.

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