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Case Studies

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Tackling 20 Year-Old Windows

Walter and June had a beautiful home, but their windows were single-paned glass. They knew that they were losing a lot of heat through the panes, especially on the west and north sides of their home that took the brunt of the wind and rain. In fact, they could actually feel the wind in their home.

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Modernizing A Home One Window At A Time

Modern Windows

Michael and Angelika S. loved the look of the exterior of their 1930’s home in Lakewood, WA, but knew they would have to do something about the old, leaky windows. Tired of living with poor energy efficiency and costly utilities bills, Michael and Angelika decided to tackle the problem head on. They knew new windows could free them of recurring problems like condensation, UV damage, and difficulties with cleaning. They were cautious, however, because they wanted the new windows to look identical to the old ones in order to preserve the house’s style.

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Handling Many Challenges

Darina and Koray

One thing that Darina and Koray loved about their Seattle home was the large wall of windows that let in sunlight while opening up a view of their scenic surroundings. One thing that they didn’t love was the difficulty keeping their interior air warm during the winter and cool during the summer. The woody moisture of the area had also ignited mold growth in the drafty windows. While they wanted to find a replacement from the beginning, this proved to be difficult because of the lack of access created by a uniquely-shaped deck. To make matters worse, the space housed many uncommon window sizes and shapes.

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