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Why INFINITY from MARVIN? Why Should You Do It Now? Why Choose Us?
  • Premium Fiberglass Windows
    Stronger, Longer-Lasting, & More Attractive Than Vinyl

    We Only Install Windows From The Worldwide Leader In Fiberglass

  • Reduce Energy Costs
    Fiberglass Protects Your Home From The Elements… And Saves You Money

  • Exacting Standards
    It's The Perfect Window…Installed Flawlessly.

It Has Taken Over 50 Years…
But We Finally Found The PERFECT REPLACEMENT Window.

Infinity Fiberglass Windows From Marvin Look Better,
Last Longer, And Save You More Money Than Vinyl…PERIOD.

Hi, I'm Randy Lucas. My business partner Grant Neiss and I have been in the window industry for over a quarter century. For years now, we've been selling vinyl windows in Seattle and neighboring cities because they were the best windows available… but not anymore.

Let me explain.

For years we've seen increasing failure rates with vinyl windows. So we started investigating ALL the windows on the market. One company we started talking to was the Marvin Window & Door Company. We weren't convinced that they were the right windows for our clients… but we were willing to listen.

They explained they never manufactured vinyl windows because the science simply doesn't work and they absolutely refuse to make a second-rate product. So instead, they spent years researching and perfecting their exclusive fiberglass windows.

They showed us every way that fiberglass beats ALL other window materials combined… hands down, it's not even close. (See the science for yourself by clicking here).